Monday, October 24, 2011

Pretend Makeup from Nail Polish

So I decided to make Miss Precocious some pretend makeup...because I saw it on Pinterest.

"Faux Makeup for Your Kiddos"-This pin originally came from Emily at Not So Idle Hands.

Miss Precocious is a makeup destroyer.  She shatters glass bottles, digs her little fingers into my eyeshadow, pours out my loose powder, eats my Burt's Bees lip balm...I could go on and on.

So when I saw this on Pinterest, I had to try it!  Like yesterday.  
Because Emily is so RIGHT.  All the fake makeup at the store is REAL.  So frustrating!  

I just have to say that Emily is way more patient than me.  I didn't carefully clean my old makeup containers with soap and water.  I just knocked the remnants out into the trash and wiped them with a tissue.  
I also didn't buy realistic eyeshadow or foundation colored nail polish.  I just used what I had.  Which is like every shade of pink.  Ever.

This is one of the empty containers after I had "cleaned" it (didn't realize how generous Beauti Control is with their eyeshadow until I was emptying this!):
Getting ready to fill a couple with shimmery shades (that Sally Hansen Sunset color is the only non-pink in my arsenal-thanks Mom!):
These turned out pretty cute!
And these are some FAILS!
Miss P got her little hands on the pink makeup on the left before it had time to completely dry and she put lots of sweet little finger dents in it.  And don't try to be fancypants like me and mix two colors together.  You can see how pretty that looks.  Its waiting for the trash pick up in the morning.

I waited a day before letting Miss P play with them.  Also, unlike Emily, I didn't pour the polish but rather painted it in.  I wanted it to be super thin so Miss P would have a hard time scraping it out (because of course she wants to scrape it out, just like she does my real makeup!).

I gave her some soft brushes to use and she has been a makeup artist (on her daddy's face) all weekend!  "Oh Daddy. So puuuuty!"  Love her!

Overall, I give this a big A+!  Amazing!!  Wish I had known about this little trick four broken eyeshadows ago!  Save yourself a mess and make some for your little one.


  1. Ive tried this and my daughter has numerous makeup pallets now. I have ALOT of sisters so I always get their old makeup pallets and nail polishes and go to town. She has more make up than me! Of course, hers isnt real though ;)

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