Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Sunday! Have a Sundae!

So I decided to make chocolate chip cookie sundae cups...because I saw it on Pinterest.
"Sugar Cookie Bowls" - Original pin from Wilton.

We are definitely in the holiday spirit at my house.  This year, Miss Precocious and I tricked Jake into putting our Christmas tree up the first week of October.  How did we do it?  We told him it was going to be a "Holiday Tree".  

We decorated it for Halloween during the month of Octorber.  This month it has a Thanksgiving theme.  And next month it will be a Christmas Tree again.  (I think Jake secretly likes having it up, but he won't admit it. Men!

Anyway, to me it just feels wrong to decorate a tree without cookies baking and some sort of holiday music playing (Bing Crosby Holiday on Pandora!!).  So when it was time to switch the Halloween decorations for the Thanksgiving decorations this weekend, I decided to make us a special cookie treat!  

I pinned those Wilton cookie bowls a while back and decided to make them as soon as I got some Pillsbury.  I have to be honest, I didn't read a single instruction off the Wilton site.  Not one.  Lazy.  But how hard can it be?  Squish some dough, bake, eat... 

One day I will learn.  

We'll get to that. 

So here is what you need to make this happen:

I just molded the dough thinly (I swear it felt thin) around the bottom of the ungreased muffin pan.  Like so.

I was only brave enough to try one. (Can you blame me for not wanting to waste Pillsbury cookie dough??)

And since I bake cookies all the time, I know a little trick.  If you want the cookies to hold their shape, stick them in the freezer for 5 minutes before you bake.  Now I know this works for cut-outs so I figured it would work for Pillsbury too.

Wilton can kiss it.  Maybe I should have read the instructions?

I am a cheater.

Well at least it tastes awesome!  

I give this project a big E-F for Epic Fail!  Hope you have better luck :)

Happy Sunday!

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  1. YUM! I am not sure my cookie dough will make it to the oven.