Monday, November 14, 2011

You Want Me To Put WHAT On My Face?

So I decided to clean my face with oil...because I saw it on Pinterest.
"The Oil-Cleansing Method"-Original pin from Simple Mom.

I have Ugly Face Disease.  It's true.  And I've had it for a really long time...  

Luckily, I'm able to keep this fact a secret and blend in with the rest of the world thanks to Estée Lauder and her magic face paint (also known as Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation). 
Thirty-five dollars and worth every penny!  Thank you Estée!

Anyway, I'm having a really bad case of ugly-face right now and I'm pretty desperate for it to go away.  I can't figure out why my skin is betraying me so badly at this age.  I mean, I thought I'd be past this by now.   Sigh...

So when I saw this pin about cleansing your skin with oil...I thought, "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!" But then I read the original post.  And it actually made sense.  

In chemistry, there is a principle regarding polarity.  Basically it boils down to 'like-dissolves-like' oil dissolves oil.  I actually have a minor in chemistry so I can't argue the logic.  And I really don't have anything to lose at this point.  

Except my marriage!  (Husbands are not fans of Ugly Face Disease, though they are too polite to mention it.)

So lets get that oil on my face

Here's what I'm working with:

Now, Simple Mom doesn't mention anything about Witch Hazel.  But she also doesn't mention that she has Ugly Face Disease so I'm just going to use this as an added precaution. 

This is my official before picture. Cannot believe I'm doing this...

And there you have it...Ugly Face Disease.  


Let's get started.

Simple Mom advises that you should use 1 part EVOO to 3 parts Castor Oil if you have acne prone skin (aka UFD).  That means 1 teaspoon EVOO for every 3 teaspoons Castor Oil.  Easy peasy.  

Except I don't have a container worth using yet. (I mean, those amazing glass jars from the pin are so artistic!  Shame on me for not having some of those lying around.) 

So I just put a few drops of Castor Oil and a few less drops of EVOO in my palm and mixed them together.  (That's lazy-speak for a 3:1 ratio.)  And while I was doing this I had the hot water running in my sink to get a wash cloth really warm.  

Then I did what I can't believe I did... I totally rubbed this stuff all over my face.

Yep.  Oil.  On my face.

I worked it in (gently) for a minute and then I took the wash cloth from the warm water and laid it on top of my face.  

What?  You want to see a picture of that too? OK!


I left the towel on for about a minute and then I used it to gently wipe the oil away.  I didn't remove my makeup before starting this little experiment (that would defeat the purpose!) and I was really happy to see that all my makeup came off.  Easily too!  Fab!

My skin felt clean.  And soft.  Wow.  Wasn't expecting that!  

So what's this about Witch Hazel?  

If you aren't familiar with Witch Hazel, it's a really great natural astringent.  It shrinks blood vessels back to their normal size to reduce redness, it decreases oiliness, and it is a natural skin protectant.  

I need all of that. 

So after I wiped the oil from my face, I put some Witch Hazel on a cotton ball and swiped it all over.  

And I'm sitting here, three and a half hours after doing this, and my face still feels amazing!  It isn't oily like it would normally be this long after cleansing (probably due to the Witch Hazel).  It's super soft (definitely due to the oil).  And it just feels good

I can't grade this one yet because I need to give it a while before I can know if it is actually working.  But what do you think?  

Would you rub oil all over your face in the name of curing UFD?  

Let me know and look for an update in a few weeks!

Update: I'm 6 days in and I don't see myself going back!  I love this.  My skin feels great.  No new breakouts (yet).  I even found a cute bottle to store my oil mixture in.  See?  

I'm working on getting some info up about how you can get all the supplies you need for this for free.  Check back later in the week if you're interested!

Here's the info on purchasing your UFD cure supplies for less than $5 shipped!

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  1. Love your post! I've been doing this for a year now and love it!