Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friendship Bracelet Earbuds? RAD!

So I decided to friendship bracelet my earbuds...because I saw it on Pinterest.

Earlaces Lime Forest-Original pin by Chozin on Etsy

Oh yes!  I grew up in the 80's and I made at least 415 friendship bracelets between 1987 and 1993.

In retrospect, I wonder why my mom had so much DMC thread around.  She was definitely an avid cross-stitcher, but seriously...this is what her craft room looked like when you opened the door:

A literal wall of DMC thread.  

No, not really.  But she did have every single color (in multiples)!  And they were neatly organized in these special clear bags with the numbers (because each color has a number) written clearly on the outside of the bag.  And don't you dare get them mixed up!  For heaven's sake.

I can't tell you how many hours my sister and I spent making friendship bracelets!  We would pick our colors, safety pin the thread to our jeans, and take turns playing Super Mario Brothers while eating Doritos.  Amen!

(Hold A B Start to make your game pick up at the last level you were on if you run out of lives!)

Oh the memories.  GOOD FREAKING TIMES!

Well I was looking around Pinterst and saw that little earbud gem.  And I felt all warm and fuzzy.  The feeling you can only get when Nostalgia creeps in. 

I don't even use my iPod anymore, but I do have an earbud headset for my Blackberry.  

Because I am not the best driver to start with (ask the side of my parents' house) and I think cell phones probably can give you cancer being stuck to your head like that all the time.  And because I am a super nerd.  So I plug my little nerdy headset in and pretend I'm listening to some music when really, I'm talking to my mom.  

And now you know the truth.  I'm just trying not to hit your mailbox.

Anyway, my headset is constantly in a tangled mess.  Drives me banana sandwich!  So I knew I had to at least try to friendship bracelet it.  Not just because all the cool kids are doing it, but because it will keep it from getting tangled!

Speaking of the cool kids...

Do you remember this amazing episode of Saved By The Bell?  It was called The Friendship Business (Episode 11, Season 1-Oh yeah, we have the boxed set).  From IMDB: "As part of a business class assignment, the gang makes and markets friendship bracelets, but when tensions escalate, Jessie, Kelly, and Slater break off to form their own rival business - Buddy Bands."

Ha!  The title of this post isn't "Buddy Band Earbuds!"  So...I think Zack wins again.  Sorry, Slater.

While I'm off on a tangent and I have toasty warm Nostalgia coursing through my veins...let me just share with you one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received:

YES!!  A 'My Little Pony' radio!  I was 4.  It was amazing.  And I would take my pony headphones over fancy earbuds any day.

Just let out a big sigh of happiness...

Back to business. 

I was was at my parents' house over Thanksgiving and I thought..."I wonder if the amazing DMC stash is still around."  Because free thread is better than a trip to Hobby Lobby.  And I am pleased to report that, while the stock has been depleted over the last 18 years, there was still at least 200 little organized bags to choose from!  Love you, Mom!

I picked pink.  Lovely, eh?

Do you remember how to make friendship bracelets?  I'm sure you do.  So I won't try to break it down into a million steps. 

How about one step?

Tie some knots :)

It was like riding a bike!  As soon as I tied that first knot, it was like...magic.  It all came back to me!  

If only I had a safety pin, my old NES, and a bag of Doritos.  

Another big sigh...

I thought I would just do it all in pink.  But I grossly underestimated the amount of thread I needed to cover this beast so I ended up adding some blue...but I grossly underestimated that one as well.  So I added some red.  

Yep.  Blue, red, pink...three colors that you always see together.  Duh.
You likey?

Totally cooler than any old Buddy Band and it doesn't get all tangled up anymore!  

Now I'm not hitting your mailbox in style!  

Totally rad!